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Georgia’s First Annual State Building Energy Competition

In January 2011, the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) launched the first annual Georgia State Building
Energy Competition. Eight state agencies were selected to compete and see who could most greatly reduce their building’s
energy consumption. Now that the performance period has ended and the results have been analyzed, we are proud to
announce the grand prize winner – the Department of Community Affairs! Two agencies came in second and third place.

The top three performing competitors are:

1. Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) – Headquarters. EUI Reduction: 16.7 percent. DCA moved its
Energy Star score from 42 at the beginning of FY2010 to a 61 by the end of FY2011.
Trainer – Griffith Engineering

2. Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) – Administration Building. EUI Reduction: 11.8 percent. GPSTC
moved its Energy Star score from 53 at the beginning of FY2010 to a 66 by the end of FY2011.
Trainer - Honeywell

3. University of Georgia (UGA) – Boyd Graduate Studies and Science Library. EUI Reduction: 9.9 percent. This building
was not ratable using the Energy Star Rating System, therefore no score is available.
Trainer – UGA Engineering Outreach Service

The rankings measure energy savings over the 12-month fiscal year 2011 period as a percentage based on energy use
intensity (EUI).

Together, the eight contestants reduced their energy consumption by more than 20 billion British thermal units (BTUs) and
have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 2,765 metric tons. This is the equivalent of removing 542 passenger vehicles
from the road, the annual electricity use of 345 homes, or the carbon sequestered by more than 70,900 tree seedlings grown
for 10 years. These equivalencies were calculated using EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Congratulations on the Quarterly Most Outstanding Performer Award to Jaime Fernandez for the 3rd quarter and Lynne Fry for the 4th quarter of 2012!!!

GEI will be participating as a vendor/exhibitor in the following 2012 trade shows:
  • March 26-28 - MOAPPA (Missouri Association of HIgher Education Facilities Officers) located in Columbia, MO
  • May 26-30 - GAPPA (Georgia Association of of Higher Education Facilities Officers) located at Jekyll Island, GA
  • August 19-21 - GovEnergy located in St. Louis, MO
  • August 23-24 - ESC's Market Transformation Conference located in Nashville, TN
  • October 8-9 - 2012 Educational Facilities Best Practices Summit located in Atlanta, GA
  • Oct 31-Nov 1 - WEEC (World Energy Engineering Congress) located in Atlanta, GA


Community Involvement

GEI has donated time and is currently providing energy auditing for two buildings in the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge.  The BBC is a program designed to encourage building owners and mangers to reduce energy and water consumption by 20% by 2020.  Find information about the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge here.

GEI Atlanta assisted in the renovation of the MUST Ministries dining hall. GEI employees assisted in re-wiring much of this facility and in painting portions of renovation. MUST Ministries utilizes this dining hall as a venue to provide food for local homeless, and as a place to help provide for those under their care in dealing with crisis situations.

GEI Charlotte participated in raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer Research by donating to the '24 Hours of Booty', a 24 hour cycling event, in Charlotte on July 30-31.

GEI Charlotte also participated as a hole sponsor in the June golf tournament for the Samaritan House in Charlotte.

GEI KC participated in the 2010 Step Up for Downs Syndrome Walk in Kansas City to raise money for the First Down for Downs Syndrome Foundation of Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

GEI Blog

Please view our blog here.

Current Projects

Griffith Engineering has been very active over the last year, 2012,  in projects in New Mexico, California, New York City and even Alaska!  We have been involved in energy work for large military facilities and even on the Statue of Liberty!!  

Griffith continues to play a leadership role in the energy and energy efficient designs realm and our clients trust us for our knowledge and expertise.  
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